FSA Salt Targets

The salt reduction targets have been set for foods that make the greatest contribution of salt to our diet, such as bread, meat products and cereals, as well as convenience foods such as pizza, ready meals and savoury snacks.

About 75% of the salt we eat is already in the food we buy. As the levels of salt have been reduced in foods, salt consumption in the UK has declined. The latest evidence (from 2008) estimates that people’s average salt intake is 8.6g – 0.9g lower than in 2000-2001.

More information can be found on the FSA website www.food.gov.uk

Below is an extract from the guidelines which shows the catagories that Foodmaker work in.

FSA Guidelines, expressed per 100g of finished product.
Target mg
Target g
1.3.2Cooked Sausages20107001.8
1.3.2Cooked Sausages2010Rev6501.63
1.3.2Cooked Sausages20126001.5
1.6.1Standard Burgers20104001
1.6.1Standard Burgers20123000.75
1.6.2Speciality Burgers20105001.3
1.6.2Speciality Burgers20123500.88
1.4.1Pork Pies & Sausage Rolls20106001.5
1.4.1Pork Pies & Sausage Rolls2010Rev5501.38
1.4.1Pork Pies & Sausage Rolls20124501.13
1.4.2Cornish Pasties20105001.3
1.4.2Cornish Pasties2010Rev4501.1
1.4.2Cornish Pasties20124001
1.7.1Hot Dogs20105501.4
1.7.1Hot Dogs20125501.38
1.5.1Whole Muscle20123000.75
1.5.2Reformed Whole Muscle20124001
1.5.3Comminuted Reformed Meat20126001.5
1.4.3Other Meat Pastry20104501.1
1.4.3Other Meat Pastry2010Rev4001
1.4.3Other Meat Pastry20123000.75
1.2Ham & Cured Meats201010002.5
1.2Ham & Cured Meats2010Rev8002
1.2Ham & Cured Meats20126501.63
2.1Bread Rolls20104301.1
2.1Bread Rolls20124001
8.1Chinese Ready Meal20103000.8
8.1Chinese Ready Meal20122500.63
9.1Dried Soup20102500.6
9.1Dried Soup20122300.58
25.2Vegetarian Sausage & Burger (Avg)20123700.93
25.2Vegetarian Sausage & Burger (Max)20126001.5
1.3.2Cooked Sausage20175501.38
1.4.1Sausage Rolls20174501.13

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