At Foodmaker we pride ourselves in understanding what is required for BRC audits. We have British Retail Consortium (BRC) accreditation.  Our BRC site number is 1737890, and you can view a copy of our certificate by clicking on the Download Certificate link above.

We aim to make things as simple as possible for you with our easily accessible and up to date BRC information all available online 7 days a week, 365 days a year through your dedicated customer log in section.

Product Declarations and Specifications

All of your Decs and Specs are available online through your secure customer log in section. In addition we supply these with all of our products from the initial sampling stage through to finished production.

Business Continuity with Dual Redundancy

A requirement of Issue 6 BRC Standard is that a business continuity plan has been developed. We can help because we have two spice blending facilities in our Group, one in Foodmaker, Corby and the other in Scobie and Junor, East Kilbride. This means that if disaster strikes there is always a backup, ensuring you have peace of mind and keeping down time and product outages to a minimum.

Bespoke formulations are absolutely confidential and are never shared with anyone, including our sister companies without the customers authority. To activate this Dual Redundancy Business Continuity Service please see your account manager who will be happy to set it up for you.

Fully Traceable Products

All of our products are printed with fully traceable batch numbers from sample to full production runs. This allows us to trace any batch back to its time and date of production, the batches of raw materials used to create it, the supplier these came from through to the original manufacturer - be it within or out with the UK.

This means that if there is ever an issue we can pinpoint exactly the source of the problem and speedily rectify it with you. We can beat the 4 hour traceability standard required by BRC Issue 7 (3.9.2).

Environmental Management System

We continually strive to ensure our impact on the environment is kept to a minimum. We work under the ISO140001:2004 standard to ensure we are following best practice.

Our commitment to Foodmaker customers and safe ingredients

Focus on market trends, SAFE ingredients and provenance

We are committed to tracking the market, completing grass roots research and accessing a wider network of research parters to ensure our team are predicting future trends accurately. This means our customers will have the most current information available and ultimately allows us to recommend on trend flavours to you quicker to launch before the competition. The Scobie & Junor group have also gone through a long process of understanding the supply chain fully, where our ingredients come from and the controls put in place to ensure these ingredients are safe when they arrive to us and are blended into your product. Please let me know if you would like to arrange a presentation on future flavour trends, the safety controls in place and the provenance of our raw materials.

Custom TACCP and Enhanced Vulnerability testing

In line with the safe ingredients initiative Foodmaker also offer bespoke vulnerability testing. So if your seasoning needs to be accompanied by a positive release certificate we will send a sample off for you, before it reaches your site, saving you the workload and giving piece of mind to your customers. Tests available for Mycotoxin levels, Allergens, Nitrate and Nitrite. More tests are available

Technology Driven

Foodmaker are heavily technology driven; by embracing technology throughout our processes we a shortening lead times, improving relationships with customers and decreasing development/manufacturing time. When our customers are aiming to launch a product for their competiton, this reduction in time spent developing is invaluable. By working with Foodmaker you wll have access to your own Log In area where you can find all pricing information, specifications for your recipes, sample information. Via this portal you can also record feedback on samples.

Packaging Waste Return Service

We offer a full packaging waste return to help our customers with the Producer Responsibility Obligations (Packaging Waste) Regulations 2007. This is generated through our online customer log in section and is as per our understanding of the European Directive 94/62/EC on Packaging Waste.

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