• Our Portfolio of award winning off the shelf seasoning
  • Our State of the Art Facility
  • Highly experienced in reducing cost of seasonings
  • Our bespoke designed rapid New Product Development Process
  • Ability to re-engineer your products to be suitable for the Gluten Free, Halal, Organic and Free From markets
  • Dual Manufacturing site for piece of mind and consistent production, also negates the need for a secondary supplier improving relationships
  • Foodmaker can tailor packaging for you and your process, also offer End to End direct to retail services
  • Our Flavourologists can remove undesirable raw materials quickly
  • Bespoke built Grade A certified BRC site
  • Tailored Development Kitchen exact to our customers needs
  • Commitment to sourcing not only the highest quality ingredients, but also SAFE ingredients. We know where they come from, the process of harvesting and how they're made safe for the consumer. Ask us about it, we'd love to tell you.

Our Path

Since 1983 Foodmaker have been blending the finest ingredients and creating exquisite off the shelf and customer specific seasonings for all sectors of the food industry.

In 2011 Foodmaker joined the Scobie & Junor Group as the ingredient specialist. Since acquisiation a large investment has been made into Foodmaker, with the grand opening of a new bespoke BRC Grade A site in December 2014.

Brand new labs, a sensorary evaluation overhaul, and technical IT systmes all mage for a complete reengineering on the business.

Located ideally in central England, Corby is logistically a perfect partner for your business.

Our Raw Materials

Its our raw amterials that play a vital role in our sucess; without the very best of ingredients we could never produce the flavours we do.

Click here to find out all about our raw material supply chain.
Foodmaker Lab
Foodmaker Lab


Highly trained and experienced NPD staff at Foodmaker use years of know-how to use dry blended ingredients to work in new and creative ways. They have access to an extremely wide range of raw materials sourced from all around the world.  All our staff are committed to continuous professional development, and have access to latest food technology research. As a result, we can provide the highest levels of product performance, consistency and quality assurance.

You will find our ingredients in many products sold in UK major retailers. We have British Retailers Consortium (BRC) accreditation.

On-site laboratory facilities enable easy testing of the chemical, physical and microbiological characteristics of ingredients or finished products.


Its taken as read that our quality systmes meet all the standards. We couldn't operate any other way. BRC 7 (grade A) accreddited. Do we need to say more? Click here if you need some.

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We are members of Leatherhead Research (LRA) and members of the Seasoning and Spice Association affiliated to the Food and Drink Federation (FDF). Our membership within these organisations provides us with valuable support, and opens up channels of communication with various governing bodies; we can gain fast-track information and can input opinions and information to areas of influence to protect the interests of our industry in pre-legislative consultations.

In addition to having access to the very latest research papers, analyses and data services, we condut our own in store research.  We have a large database of products with ingredient decs, salt content, price points etc. that we have collected ourselves.  This keeps us informed on consumer trends, product launches and market activity.  We call it FREDA (Food, Research and Data Analysis).

We use this data to help our customers spot missing market segments.
Foodmaker Lab

Our group of companies

The Scobie & Junor Group

Being part of the Scobie & Junor Group of companies give many advantages for Foodmaker customers.

Dual Manufacturing Sites

As we hold recipes on secure cloud based systems we can access customers information from both sites, this gives our customers piece of mind and negates the need for secondary suppliers.

Access to an Array of Products

From flexible packaging to manufacturing machinery, meat netting to sole supplier licensed processing aid and ingredients; also wet sauce capability and a strong buying power as a group we will be able to help you surpass the targets of your projects.

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